Ping Pong Scorer

07 May

Mid summer this year our family got really in to playing Pingpong (Table Tennis). It’s like we wake up by 7 to 8 in the morning and play endless rounds. My father’s mind was so set into this, imagine for the whole summer?


So within that 2 months of paddling the ball, or we say, pinging the pong (yeah nailed it! hehe) – we experienced some arguments, disagreements between players.

Like for instance, there’s this dispute between scores, like

Player 1 would say, “Hey! I was two points ahead of you, just when did we tied up??”

Player 2 would reply, “I counted them correctly, you don’t count the points I get!”


and so on guys..

So I decided to solve this problem up.

Ken: “Why not make them an electronic scorer?”

So that these old guys would not forget their scores.


So here she was, came to life. My Ping-a-Pong Scorer 2000! ❤

Push buttons were placed at each of the player’s side. As the player gets his point, he then presses the button and the score advances! 🙂

If the players’ score reaches 10+, the blue “+” sign will light up, same goes for “++” for 20points.

Here is the time where both scores reached 20 points

In addition, the display would also blink if the sum of each player’s scores would be divisible by 5. That means, for every 5 services, the led would flash up. That would tell the players that it’s time for them to change serve.

Cool ayt?

And now they’re enjoying their game. Fair and square.


Problem Solved!

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