Line Follower Robots Competition

20 Nov

These line follower cars are called mobots – mobile robots. Although it’s really not the one that pops out from people’s mind when the word robot comes. These guys are counted, I guess, once you apply a little bit of love, and a lot of robotics!


Line Follower Robots?

These are used up Remote Controlled Cars. You break them, and make use of its chassis( with complete set of wheels, working dc motors.. and that’s it)

Then you place a circuit that would act as your mobot’s brain. There’s also a sensor in front of the car that would make the robot sense that black line.

I then entered mine to a competition locally, here it General Santos City. Headed by Engr. Franz Raymund Duran, the competition turned out to be fun. People were watching (even though they don’t exactly know what we are doing). lol. They enjoyed how these robots race across the black line.

Here’s the vid:

credits to Shee on vid 🙂

Just got 2nd Place though, of about P3000 as cash prize. Kuya Anot (5th year ECE student) got the first. Someday by now, time will allow us to have a rematch and I promise I’m never to be beaten again. It was fun, we then get to have a dinner at Antipolo BBQ, all of us, 4th years and 5th years which strengthened our bond.

Win or lose, after the match – you earn a friend.

Thanks sir Jasper for the vid!

We were aired on TV Patrol Socsargen right after and some of my friends kept texting they saw me on tv.

It was a great experience.

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