Mobot for Rolex

15 Dec

My father gave me this Quartz Analog Rolex Watch.

It’s cool! It looks good. But the problem is when I leave it on my desk by night, the following day the clock time delays by like…. 4 HOURS!

I observed that when I’ll leave it (no motional occurrence being applied), the clock cycle stops after an hour or two.

PROBLEM: Annoying old Rolex Watch

SOLUTION: Mobot for Rolex!

Mobot for Rolex

So what is Mobot for Rolex anyways?

It’s simply my used mobot (mobile robot) which has now retired from racing (after winning 2nd price on a line-following race locally).

I reprogrammed the robot’s brain to do stuffs such as to move forward and backwards repeatedly. By then, it would create a never ending motion making my watch fully awake! (sorry rolex but I have to) Please take a look 🙂


“If you wanna see the code (written on Hi-Tech C) never hesitate to email me, I’m always here ready to help  –”

I know it’s crazy. Haha. Just making fun out of stuffs. 😀

Wait… Maybe I could just simply get my watch repaired. XD

Lol. But truth be told, really fun stuffs occur when you add electronics to your daily life. Right?

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