Ping Pong Scorer 2

22 Mar

Remember the ping pong scorer I made last summer? Well it kinda seem to retire now. Early days of July the family stopped the recreational activity, being busy with their respective work, the pingpong table was set aside so is the scorer.


Unfortunately I wasn’t able to check on it and maintain as the time pass by. It got all dusty and spiders welcomed it as their new home. Eek!

The very sad part was, it wasn’t housed, I mean there was no roof to cover the poor device from the harsh dose of Mother Nature. Well it was rained actually. There, it won’t work anymore.



Anyways, this time, the family starts to set the table again. After a couple of plays and fun, they ask, “Ken, I wish we have that scorer again”. I can revive the old scorer but it was all over a year back when I was just starting to do some programming, as I opened the old program for the device, it really sucked…


So I decided to make a new one. A better one.



Now, here I present, the new ping pong scorer


PingPong Scorer 3000!



As the old scorer was designed in such a way that for every score, a corresponding number in the device signals on,


Old scorer



This new one, is in digital form. By pressing the respective buttons the display adds another digit..



Of course I’d like to thank my classmates namely Cy2x, Rachell, and Macbeth which helped me create this thing.


And here’s a short clip about the device. Have fun 🙂


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