How to Order at E-Gizmo

24 Mar

Start by going to the site.

Click on one of the sales, you can access them through Yahoo Messenger.

Ask for the prices of the components you want, if you have the item’s code, give them, it will make the negotiation faster.

  • Give the type of courier you want. LBC or JRS Express, both are reliable. JRS is cheaper though.
  • If you’ve gathered all components, confirm the total price you are paying, including the courier charge.
  • Give them the address where you want the package to be delivered
  • Their Account number is 7427742007290, Account Name = E-gizmo Mechatronix Central. And it’s Metrobank. But you should still ask them, changes might occur.
  • Go to the nearest Metrobank in town to deposit the agreed payment in to their account.
  • Notify them that you have successful sent the payment by showing them the deposit slip from the bank.

The last thing you’ll do after confirmation is to wait. By the next day the package will arrive.

Just negotiate with courtesy. If you so happen to piss them off, chances are no proper transaction and bye bye projects for you. Lol 😀

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One response to “How to Order at E-Gizmo

  1. Cristine marcelino

    March 22, 2014 at 2:14 pm

    Availble po ba sainyo ang gizduino v4.0


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