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25 Mar


Advancing or studying in advance is one of the most effective ways to ace up your subjects. Even those who are born genius tend to flunk in their college years if they don’t commit to studying, while on the other hand, those average kids who always have a room for studying tend to ace.

There are also students who think right such as “I want to study, I want to advance because I know the rewards, I do know the consequences. But, why am I feeling lazy? Why is my mind blocked to studying?”


I tell you, I have been always dealing with such situations. And as I come to notice, those thoughts are only caused by the mind, the mind is a very powerful tool, if you think you feel tired – then you will feel tired, if you think you feel active – you will feel active. In scenarios such as these, all you have to do is set up the mood.

How do we set the mood up?


What I do first is to look around, look at the environment I am in now and ask myself “Do I feel comfortable in this environment I am with?” I then try to imagine my ideal place where I could feel joy and comfort. And then I tell myself “If I will be in this place, I promise I will feel great and it will motivate me to continue studying.

If I have already thought of a place (for example coffee shop) I then ask permission to my parents, get dressed, and go! After 1 to 2 hours, I come back home with plenty of knowledge stored. The place can be anywhere maybe in your garden where you are surrounded with beautiful flowers and greens, coffee shop, or even at your girlfriend’s house. Anywhere! Just ASK, IMAGINE, and MAKE.

Sleeping early, Waking up early and Exercising

Sleep is very essential, it sets up your brain, it also sets up the way you look, your appearance. If you have noticed, one overnight of work results to one or two pimple growth in the morning (lol just by experience!).

There are usually two kinds of study periods a person can have – studying before bed and studying after bed. Over the years I have been studying around 10 to 11pm. I have been constantly sticking to my convictions that I am a study-before-bed person, I remember my piano teacher back then saying “The last thing you want to do before going to bed is to study your notes, the last memory your brain did before going in to sleep state will be stored quite longer compared to the memories before.”. But this method also had effects on me, I sometimes wake up late (on times that I will reach 1-2am studying) which generally affects my entire day.

So, I tried the other method around thinking not only that I can review, but also waking up early will definitely keep me away from coming late at class.

How did I manage to wake up early? Simple, just placed my cellphone(alarm) to the most unreachable part in the room. If the alarm rings, I get off the bed, get something to reach the phone and viola! I am already standing and have already stretched. No chance to lie back again. Honestly and truly effective.

Waking up by 4am where the sun is still down, the surrounding is very cold and calm, and most of all – it’s very quiet, no TV, no people, no cars. I tell you it’s the best setting ever. If you haven’t tried it, set up your alarm now! And when you wake up by 4, try to stretch, drink a glass of water, clean something for 5 minutes, and think of studying after. You’ll be surprised.

Call a Friend

There are times that you will feel that you are dealing with the same routine over and over again. After school you review by your own, after waking up early you plan the things you do by the day, review a little and so on.

Mostly when exams are near, you feel confident enough because you have been listening to lectures every day, but you know you need to view your notes again to memorize the formulas. You need to study but you can’t. Why not try to call and invite one of your classmates for a study session? This will really set up the mood because you know you can’t leave your friend studying in your house alone, you know you have to accompany him/her until both of you are finished or if it’s time for him to go. Something like that.

Feel Grateful

I would like to quote this saying from the book entitled The Secret: Gratitude is a powerful process for shifting your energy and bringing more of what you want into your life. Be grateful of what you already have, and you will attract more good things.

You may wonder what is its significance to setting up the mood? Try to start your day with a “thank you ” (ex. Thank you that I have slept well), or “I am grateful”(ex. I am grateful that I was able to wake up early), “I am thankful”(ex. I am thankful that was able to eat plenty of breakfast food). But don’t just stop there, while you are on your way to school, think of the things you are grateful of and it will provide you with a positive feeling.

And carrying that positive feeling all through the day will make it easier for you to think of studying. And once you are sitting on the chair preparing your notes for study say once again to yourself: “I am grateful that I was able to make myself study right now.” It will really work. The Power of Gratitude.

Set a good mood with your girlfriend

This may sound silly but, just sending a message saying “Hello hun, I’m just dropping by to say that I love you very much.” And then she would reply “Ahw.. I love you too” and stuffs like that would make you smile right?

By then, you can proceed to your studying. I don’t know if this works for boyfriends. I’m not a girl you know. Just be sure that you won’t end up yourself texting rather than studying.

Remember, we were doing this to set up a positive feeling not to endlessly exchange corny messages all throughout. And, when you are in a fight, it kind of bothers you doesn’t it? So, make up and get that positive feeling back again.

Tip for gamers

This is for the gamers out there, on how to set your moods up for studying. I really would like to share this one because I really do understand the state when you’re into playing computer games, I honestly have been playing computer games during high school for 4 years straight. I have been addicted to playing Ragnarok Online and FlyFF from first year of high school to first year of college.

So what did change me? What did make me stop?

First is I asked myself in an out-of-the-box way of thinking “Why am I not stopping this? I have been promising myself to stop but I can’t.” The answer I got was “Because in here – I have a lot of friends, and have got all the respect I needed because of how I have managed to grow my character strong”.

The problem is, the name and prestige I gained was of only inside the virtual world or, only in the four corners of the computer café. The time I go out the café and head back to school, in our very own classroom no one was recognizing me, no one knows how strong I am in my ragnarok character. So then I realized that in the real world, nobody knows about you and your character, they know more on your performance in class.

So what did I do? I transferred my ragnarok account into the real world.

My name is Kendro, I am level 50 now in the real world (5th Year), my job is BSECE, for now I have 10% experience for the next level, and I am hoping I have that kind of money lol. (Well, this is a borrowed character from the internet, my original ragnarok character was way dead).

And there, I am continually studying to increase my experience and to add up my level.

And upto now I am thinking of life that way. And honestly, as I am typing this at the moment I am listening to Ragnarok Soundtracks (been badly missing it though), now I am still thinking of Ragna but in a sense that I am in the real world, where real people come to respect me because of this job(BSECE) I chose, and the level and experience(5th Year) I am having now.

Now, modesty aside, I am a consecutive dean’s lister from year 2008 to present, and is currently having a GPA of 1.6 which I did proudly write on my Resume!

(If you were once or uptil now a ragnarok player I bet you really would understand this). It really did work on me, how more on you?

Every sec of time is absolutely not wasted when you invest it for studying, because there is this one thing called delayed gratification and I tell you, that is the time when you will feel complete, that is the time that you will feel grateful because of what you did over the past years. If you have been practicing this already, you may have notice that in class, you are acing, you are one of the top students in your classroom, you feel confident every time the lesson starts. But that is not it, that is the only part of the whole, that is the only planet among the galaxy of delayed gratification.

The whole of delayed gratification, is still waiting for you to discover.

A quote I got from one of my professors in class “There are only two kinds of students in the classroom. Those who are matalino(bright) and those who are tamad(lazy)

So, which one are you? 🙂


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5 responses to “Tips on Studying

  1. ken3350

    March 26, 2011 at 8:57 am

    Oh yea.. thx for the share.. have slowly change my pace now… ^^.

    • k3ndro

      March 26, 2011 at 9:44 am

      Yeah ^^, doing it slowly definitely works best. I should have placed “Jungits” in the guild section. lol. 😀

  2. Ella Laguindam

    March 27, 2011 at 2:34 pm

    good 😉

  3. jordrex008

    June 28, 2011 at 9:10 pm

    hahahaha…great one kenneth….

  4. kentoi

    June 28, 2011 at 11:07 pm



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